Monday, December 31, 2007

Too Funny!

Yes, the Christmas season is almost over but for those who want one last laugh, check out this blog - Jacob and I were cracking up. If you are a Griswold fan, you have to see this!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Update

Yes, we're a bit behind in the Christmas photos but hopefully some of these will suffice. We enjoyed a quiet day (as quiet as a house full of 5 kids can be) with Ken's mom, my parents and my sister. My kids had originally gotten up at 3 am (yes, you read that right!) and I did my best to hustle them back to bed without losing my composure. We've spent the last couple of days trying to put the house back together and visiting with Ken's mom and the kids' friends.
The big news for the week is that Caleb has said his first word! Yes, it is "mama" :) I got my Christmas wish :) I was also able to get most of the glue off his face (he was NOT happy about that one) and we are continually amazed at how good he looks. We've been able to lose the no-no's since he is not putting anything in his mouth and has stopped sucking on his fingers at night. I know they were really bothering him at night so this has been a nice change for him. We gave him some pizza tonight in tiny bits - it is his favorite food and he was sooo excited! He is also walking with just one hand and managed to climb the entire flight of stairs tonight without me knowing it - gotta make sure that gate is up at ALL times.
He loves his new toys, especially anything musical or car related. Ken has always joked that his long fingers were perfect for a concert pianist. We'll have to see!
Praying that each of you have had a wonderful Christmas full of God's blessings. We are overwhelmed by His goodness to us!

Christmas 07

Friday, December 21, 2007

Looking Good!

Stitches came out today! Didn't even have to count to 3 and it was all done. Unfortunately, there is still a bunch of the adhesive that covered the stitches remaining. They cannot pull it off without hurting his skin so it just has to wear off. It is much harder on me I'm sure - he's probably oblivious! Those mama genes that want to scrub a face clean are going crazy!
I've also added the only picture I have of the girls at their Christmas dance recital. It was very chaotic and no flash photography was allowed so this is it. They were cute anyway :)
The last week has been very stressful for all of us. I am planning on spending the next few days just enjoying getting ready for Christmas and preparing our hearts for the celebration of the coming of the Messiah!

Monday, December 17, 2007

A little better everyday

Yesterday we gave Caleb some scrambled eggs, chocolate cake :) and mashed potatoes by hand. It worked! He ate like a champ and I'm sure is a much happier little boy. He did give us a bit of a scare with a bit of a bloody nose when he woke up from his nap but the dr. did not think it was a problem and that he probably just bumped it on his no-no.
The girls had their Christmas dance recital yesterday - I'll post pictures later. It was Sarah's first time dancing on stage and she loved it. Their group was as cute as can be. Anna's dance was so grown up - when did that happen? She did great and it is fun to watch my girls do something that they love.
It is hard to believe that we are only a week out from Christmas. I've still got some shopping to do! Don't expect Christmas cards this year - we'll send you Happy New Years cards instead :)

Saturday, December 15, 2007

A Day at Home

That sweet smile is starting to show through! Could he be any cuter? (sorry for the dirty bib - I didn't realize it until I posted this picture but it is a cute picture of Caleb :) )
My sweet Sarah!

Ken was busy shuttling the older kids around today while I stayed home with Sarah and Caleb. It was nice to have extra cuddle time with my two little ones. Of course Sarah had to be a diva :) and we caught some of Caleb's first smiles today. We are having a bit of struggle with the eating thing. He is only allowed liquids - no spoons, only what I can squeeze through the nipple of his cleft nurser. The problem is that he will not take anything but his milk with Carnation Instant Breakfast in his bottle. Since his repair is good but very tight (due to the width of his cleft), I do not want to risk any fistulas by jumping the gun food wise. And of course this is better than another palate surgery. But it is going to be a long 10 more days watching my little guy want to eat table food and not being able to let him!

Friday, December 14, 2007

More before and after

Cookies and Consequences

Caleb loved his first tastes of my chocolate chip cookies but the mess they made meant a trip to the DREADED bath tub. This was the first bath in all the time we've had him that he did not cry. It was a miracle!

Decorating the Tree

Kid's Christmas Program

Sarah and her buddy, Nate

Anna singing her duet with Britney

Jacob singing his solo

Jacob was part of the "cleaning crew" - comic relief for the evening. Talk about type casting....

With Caleb's surgery I've gotten behind on posting so here are a few photos from the last couple of weeks to keep you up to date with the Weikel household :)

A new smile :)

Before, the morning of the surgery...

Thursday afternoon, 2 days after surgery

We're home! Sorry I didn't post to the blog while in the hospital - I had some more important things to attend to :) Caleb's surgery went remarkably well. He fell asleep in my arms in the preop room and has recovered very well. So far no fistulas (little holes) so we are holding out hope that we won't have another surgery for another year or so. He is drinking his bottles but isn't too happy about not getting his solid food. His big brown eyes just stare at you longingly as you eat - its enough to make anyone feel guilty! We had great nurses and a wonderful roommate (hi Riley!). We feel so very blessed by the whole experience. It could have been so much worse and it isn't fun to watch your little person hurt. But the nursing staff did a great job with his pain management and taking care of us. I sure don't want to have to do it again (and I'm sure Caleb doesn't either!) but we are convinced that God continues to just put his hand on our little guy. Thank you so much for all the prayers. They were felt and appreciated and answered! Continue to pray for his healing and for the adjustment of the rest of the kids. It hasn't been easy to have Mom away for 3 nights and poor Ken has been running crazy. We're all ready for a little bit less chaos in our home!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

This is it!

In just a few short hours Caleb will be going into surgery to repair his lip, palate and put in ear tubes. I have wrestled with some sadness at my little boy never looking the same again and knowing that he is going to be in quite a bit of pain the next few days. Please keep us in your prayers and I'll leave you one last time with the sweet smile that we fell in love with!