Wednesday, March 26, 2008


The annual Easter morning photo - that sofa gets smaller and smaller each year!

Anna and her new jump rope

Mommy and Caleb

Daddy and Caleb

Anna and Sarah helping Caleb with the whole Easter basket thing - he figured it out pretty quickly!

Chocolate for breakfast?! This is great!!!!

The boys decided that they were too big for hunting eggs so they did the hiding this year. The girls were busy!

Coin filled eggs make great maracas. Caleb found his rhythm!

The guys played monkey in the middle with Ken and Rich. I will refrain from making any smart alec comments (which you know takes a lot of self control....)

I know I've been slow on the draw with posts lately. Things have been more than crazy around here. We spent a lazy afternoon with family on Sunday celebrating Easter. Sarah was cute when she got in the car after church - she said, " Jesus died but he isn't dead anymore!" Perfect. Caleb loved his first Easter. The chocolate for breakfast was a big hit and the plastic eggs filled with coin made the perfect maracas. All in all it was a great day :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Too cute

Don't you just love these pictures of Sarah, cheesey grin and all?

Talent Show

Last Friday was our homeschool group's talent show. Jacob and Anna did a great job singing and dancing to High School Musical's "We're All in This Together". It is fun to watch them perform together. They both have good voices and can dance - most of all they both love to perform! It will be a treat to watch them continue as they get older :)