Friday, February 29, 2008

Last but not least....Caleb

Who needs a roller coaster? Anna and Jacob have started pushing Caleb around in this wagon - he loves it! The faster the bettter!
He looks so cute dragging his blanket around the house :)
Should we have named him Linus instead?

A Nathan Sighting

And he thought I was taking a picture of the animals in the display.....

The Girls

Anna loved the turtles at the Baltimore Aquarium. Sarah wasn't feeling very well that day so we don't have any pictures of her.
Anna got her GA badges the other night - she was so excited!
Poor Sarah hasn't been in the mood for photo ops lately. She's starting to feel better though so hopefully we'll get some pictures of her not in Daddy's chair :)

The J Files

At the dolphin show at the Baltimore Aquarium - of course he's sitting in the splash zone!
Jacob's team has had a rough year but he has enjoyed playing.
Free throw time - not as dramatic as his one shoe shot but those are hard to catch with the camera!
Children's ministry Sunday - he and the other RA's helped with the evening service

Odds and Ends

Sorry it has been awhile since I posted. We have had a terrible two months of sickness and it has taken awhile to recover. We've been busy with basketball/cheerleading finishing up and had follow up dr visits yesterday with
Caleb. He is now a whopping 19 pounds 2 ozs and has progressed to a 15 month old level. Considering that he was at 10 months just 3 months ago, we're happy with his progress. We have a long haul in front of us to catch him up but at least he is continuing to make progress and growing.
Ken has been working some very long hours with our store renovation and other responsibilities so he's been stretched pretty thin lately. We're anxiously looking forward to our vacation in April - it will be soooo nice to get away from it all!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Well, it was inevitable. Caleb has been sick with a bad cold the last few days and we've been semi-home bound again. Luckily it has not been the flu that the rest of us had so he is already feeling better. His walking is improving every day and he walks all over the house now. It is so cute to watch him - he still gets tickled with himself. Poor Anna has another cold and I"m hoping we aren't starting another round of junk to go through the house. We've had someone sick for almost 2 months now and it is just getting old. On a bright note, all my laundry is caught up since I've been stuck at home!
Happy Birthday to my mom today - you're the best!!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Party time!

Friday, February 8, 2008

The Hazards of Walking

Yep, this is Caleb's first shiner, courtesy of the entertainment center. It hasn't slowed him down - he's back in the pantry playing with the Rice a Roni boxes as usual :)

Happy Birthday Sarah!!!

Sarah is now 4!! We celebrated as a family last night with dinner at Red Robin (her choice :) ) and a trip to Toys R Us. She'll have her party on Sunday with all her fellow princesses (and a couple of princes). She has been sick for over a week and I was afraid that she'd not being feeling so well but she pulled out of it on Wednesday so she was able to enjoy being Queen of the World for the day. We love our smart, feisty, sweet Sarah!!!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Our Little Boy Blossoms

I am just so funny!!!

Cool Whip - the newest in edible hair care products

All this busyness can wear a little guy out!!!

We have spent much of this week at home because poor Sarah has gotten the crud that Anna and I had. She's improving and has had no wheezing - a HUGE improvement in the asthma category! Since we've been home, Caleb has been able to practice his walking and is getting braver every day. Today he walked half way across the kitchen on his own! He is also getting into everything and just has a joy about him. He loves when I wear my one pair of jeans with the hole in the knee - he thinks it is hysterical to tickle mommy (I hate to be tickled!!!!) and any exposed skin is game. He crinkles up his nose and a grin takes over his face along with a mischevious gleam in those big brown eyes. I'm just blown away at how far he has come. He seems more and more at home with us every day and is no longer the weak, undernourished little boy we met 3 short months ago. He decided today that whipped cream tastes good but is also a wonderful conditioner for the hair. Thankfully he is doing better with his baths!