Thursday, November 20, 2008

He's 11 !!!!!!!!

The very happy birthday boy!

Yes that is Nathan playing his guitar next to Jacob - yikes! Do we have a basement rock band in the making?!!

Jacob turned 11 on Tuesday! He has been asking for a drum set for a very long time now. We've been putting it off as long as we could but decided that since he has been doing so well with band at school and since we are tired of him banging our furniture, siblings, car seats.... We did the deed and bought him his first "real" drum set. Ken spent last night putting it together and we have both moved high up in the ranks of "most amazing, awesome parents". He is just grinning from ear to ear and the child that normally requires dynamite and a forklift to get out of bed in the morning jumped out of bed this morning wanting to play at 6:45 am (completely dressed and ready for school)!!!!! Needless to say he wasn't happy when I reminded him that half of the house was still asleep and I wanted them to stay that way. He is actually pretty good but there is no quiet way to play the drums. New item for everyone's Christmas list - ear protection!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

He can use a STRAW!!!!

Thursday Caleb got hold of my drink and proceeded to put the straw in his mouth. His eyes suddenly got wide and he sputtered a bit - he had successfully sucked through the straw!! We were both a little suprised and he decided that he liked his new skill. Several sips later he was happily draining my tea. Yet another big step for our little guy!!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pumpkin Time

The boys still haven't carved theirs but at least the girls got theirs done Friday afternoon!

Boy or Dog?

Caleb has always loved Hershey but lately he has been trying to imitate his every move. He will eat the dog food, lap Hershey's water, sniff the grass, lick the he hasn't lifted his leg yet but we're waiting for it!

October Fun

This year our church's harvest party was on Wednesday so my kids got to trick-or-treat, some for the very first time! We went to a friend's house and got to go out with a whole big group of kids. The trick-or-treat newbies (Anna, Sarah and Caleb) got the hang of it very quickly and my big boys had fun dressing up and hanging out with friends.