Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tis the Season

Sorry for the randomness of this post but we've continued to have computer issues so I'm just getting these photos out there the best I can. (yes I know the picture of Lucy and Sarah is sideways but it isn't on my computer and no matter what I do, blogger keeps turning it on its side - it is cute anyways :) ) We're done with all the organized activities of the season and are settling in to enjoy the last few days of getting ready for Jesus' birthday. We have had family photos taken but Christmas cards aren't back yet - they'll have to be Happy New Year cards. I did put up a new family photo on the side from when we got our Christmas tree - not bad for a guy who couldn't figure out how to work my camera :)
Praying that all of you can enjoy the holiday with family and friends and celebrate the birth of the Messiah!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The saga continues....

I've decided that I so could not be Amish this week (ok, I really wasn't considering it). We have been down still with the computer and after 2 service calls in 3 days we only have the lapttop up and running (and it is hard wired to the modem downstairs). 83 emails later, no online Christmas shopping - you get the idea. We celebrated Sarah's 4th Gotcha Day on Saturday, had our very last visit from the social worker yesterday and the kids had their Christmas music Sunday night. We did get our Christmas tree but it is naked in the family room. If I can get all my laundry done, I'll post some pictures this afternoon. Hopefully I can get it done before something else on the computer breaks!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Magical Touch

I probably should have named this posted "The Evil Touch" or "You Really Don't Want us to Touch Your Stuff". We have had one thing after another break, stop working or need to be replaced in the last few weeks. The computer router AND modem are included in that list. We (Ken) is working to get us up and running in his free time (hahahaha) so pictures of Thanksgiving and Jacob's party and our new addition will have to wait some more.
We are alive and had a great week in VA Beach with Ken's family and are now looking at the Christmas rush head on. While I have done NO Christmas shopping, I'm bound and determined not to let this season go crazy on me. The girls helped me decorate the house yesterday which only took an hour because of a rare spot of genius on my part. Last year when I took the Christmas decorations down, I put them in bins by room. So this year I just took the bin to the appropriate room and presto - the kids could help easier and I didn't waste time remembering where I usually put everything.
Our addition above the garage is going well (yes, we are in the middle of yet another big project/trip at Christmas.....) and we hope to have it done by January. The extra space will be nice but the boys having their own rooms will be the best bonus of all.
We have Christmas pictures scheduled soon so hopefully we'll actually get those out this year, even if they are Happy New Year cards:)