Monday, August 25, 2008

Checking in

I know some of you are wondering if we have survived the first week of school - the answer is yes! The boys are liking their new school and have even tolerated homework and uniforms. Jacob started band today and is very excited about drums (I can't wait for him to have something to bang on that isn't my furniture!) So far no uniform pictures (sorry Debbie)- I'm not going to push my luck on that one! The girls officially started today and we even got a short swim in after grocery shopping and target. We also got the girls signed up for dance and they are eager to get started with it all. Now we just need to find out Caleb's new group class schedule and I think we'll actually have an idea what our school year might look like!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Treading Water

Sorry for the lapse in posts and pictures. We have been busy trying to squeeze the last little bit of summer out of this week since the boys head to school on Wednesday. The sticker shock over school uniforms and supplies has me reeling! To think of all the money I've saved us over the last 6 years of homeschooling!
We've also survived a weekend without water (off and on), including a pool party for the girls' group at church Friday night (we had water that night). We are now the proud owners of a new tank, well pump and several days of hording water to flush toilets. I even jumped in the pool Saturday morning (pool water was a nice warm 90 but the air temp was in the 60's - brrrrrr!) to get my hair wet and then rinsed it with bottled water. Anna said it was like being back in China brushing our teeth with bottled water :) We are thankful to finally have water back, just in time for a pool party this evening for the church youth group. You realize how much water you use in a day when you don't have it!
On top of all that, my laptop is now making a noise comparable to a helicopter taking off. As much as I use computers, with the last few months' experience with them in our house I'd just like to pitch them out the window!
Hopefully once the boys are in school Wednesday, I'll have a little bit of time to download some pictures and catch up a bit. Probably won't start school officially with the girls until next week since they both have a busy social calendar :) (those unsocialized homeschool kids......)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

WV Reunion

Caleb with all his women.

Daddy and his boy

Sarah had a very busy day talking the ears off of all who would listen

Caleb and Maylea

The New River Gorge - we stopped at a state park along the way to stretch our legs and take these great pictures

We headed to WV this weekend for a reunion of some of the folks we traveled with on our journey to get Caleb. Although it was a long car ride (7 hours) and Caleb managed to get sick for the first time ever since we brought him home (yes, that is how kids always work...), we had a relaxing time enjoying the company and beautiful surroundings. Thank you to the Harris family for hosting the event - we know how much work it can be and we appreciate you guys!